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Picnic Time :)

Sunshine always makes me want to go for a picnic. Something about growing up in Ireland with our unreliable weather automatically makes a sunny day feel like a thing to be celebrated. It’s been something I have particularly missed recently. The anticipation has led to some in-depth daydreaming about what my ideal picnic contains. It needs to be simple and resilient. Anything likely to spoil in the heat should be avoided. Obviously cheese, that goes without saying. But cheese alone, even with good bread, wouldn’t satisfy my need for sunshine indulgence.

The obvious addition is good charcuterie, strong, rich, salty perfection. Throw in some tomatoes, olives, good balsamic, a lemon and a bottle of prosecco. I can practically smell the cut grass and hear the gentle buzzing of bees….

I’ve put together a picnic box you can order online containing some of my favourites. But the perfect picnic is as individual as a sunny day. I’m always happy to answer questions or help you put something together so don’t be shy :)

My indulgent list has the added benefit that if you carry it all yourself you can lunch, safe in the knowledge that you’ve earned it. At least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it….Now, where did I put my blanket…?

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