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Unusual Pairings - Guinness

Love it or hate, there is no getting away from this iconic Irish Stout. While it might not be the first thing you think of pairing with cheese, a pint or two of the black stuff makes an interesting accompaniment. Guinness, despite its reputation for being heavy, is actually on the lighter end of stouts and porters making it a more versatile option for a cheeseboard in comparison to its heavier, punchier fellows who are best kept for equally funky cheeses.

Creamy, with a gentle roasted bitterness and sweet notes reminiscent of dark fruits* this pairs surprisingly well with a number of cheeses but is particularly good with Cashel Blue, a milder Irish blue cheese. It also brings out the nuttiness in Shepherds Store.

If you're still feeling dubious why not try Paula McIntyres recipe for stout crackers

Happy St. Patricks Day!

*There is a tradition of adding a shot of blackcurrant cordial to bring up the sweetness. If you're so inclined a shot of Crème de Cassis also achieves this admirably

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