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Gather Ye Buds in May

Whilst most of us have been locked down, those of us lucky enough to get out for some exercise, whether in the countryside or urban parks, will have seen the first flushes of Elderflowers. Their aroma heady and musky on the warm days we have been having. Late spring can be an interesting time for choosing cheeses, still a little cool for the super creamy cheeses, and maybe a touch warm for some of the nuttier sharper offerings (Or, you can be greedy like the Curd Nerd, and eat all of them year-round). Quicke's, established in 1540, are makers of superlative clothbound cheddar, the story of how they make these we will save for another time, a small number of years go decided to make a new expression of their magnificent cheddar: they would take the frothy Elderflowers which grow in abundance surrounding their fields and add them to the cheese curds, making a unique Cheddar. This cheese tastes of spring, with zesty Elderflower notes, and almost spicy cumin flavours underneath, it is a cheese which tastes of now, of May, and the promise of warmer days to come. What to pair with this cheese? Of you are lucky enough to have some gooseberries in your freezer, then a loose compote would be superb, otherwise a light apple chutney – avoid any overly spiced, you want to get those beautiful flavours shining through. And to drink? Floral aromatic notes, buttery… this is a cheese that cries out for sparkling wine, Il Fresco, by Villa Sandi the Premium Prosecco house would be perfect: the freshness cuts through the cheese, and the fruity notes provide a perfect foil to the cheddar.

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