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Blue Cheese Dip

There are probably as many recipes for this dip as there are kinds of Blue Cheese. Here is mine. All Stilton will make a stronger dip but you can mix it with White Stilton or cream cheese if you like something milder or if you are making for a crowd. I normally do this by eye rather than strictly measured and base everything off the quantity of Stilton. While this dip is normally associated with chicken wings it is beautiful with raw vegetables, particularly radishes, or warm flatbreads. Thinned down it also makes a great dressing for a salad. I personally have never found that it needs salt and I would also be reasonably sparing with the mayonnaise.



(White Stilton/Cream cheese)



Lemon Juice


Mash the cheese (or cheeses) together with the mayonnaise until well combined

Add in some yoghurt and blitz using a stick blender, adding more yoghurt until you have the desired consistency.

Taste, then season with lemon juice and pepper to taste. The lemon juice will liven up the dip, how much you need will depend on how acidic your yoghurt is so I would add in small quantities.

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