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A very Italian English Cheese

Who wants to eat the most creamy, blue cheese that you will have eaten?

A cheese made in the style of Gorgonzola Dolce (it can’t be called Gorgonzola, because like Champagne and Stilton that is a protected name), a cheese which has won more awards than you can shake a stick at (Including 3* Great Taste not once but twice, and Gold at the World Cheese Awards). Beauvale is genuinely superlative, creamy, buttery, blue but not overpowering, it melts beautifully, is delicious with a slick of honey and fresh figs or sandwiched in a bun with a burger.

Want a speedy supper but don’t want to open a jar full of nasties? Cook some tagliatelle, reserve a spoonful of the cooking water when draining, add cubed Beauvale and the reserved water

to the drained pasta and you have pasta with blue cheese cream sauce on the table in 10 minutes flat.

This is a cheese that you can really play with too: chilled down, it has the consistency of butter (want some fantastic truffles? Switch out half the butter for some Beauvale, for rich chocolate truffles with a real interest). Indeed dark bitter chocolate pairs beautifully with the cheese – for a fun summer party finger dessert,

take squares of good quality bitter chocolate, and top with squares of Beauvale, and top with a fresh raspberry – so much more interesting than crackers or bread.

Made by Cropwell Bishop in Nottingham, in fairly small quantities, this is a cheese that is always in demand, thankfully here at Heritage Cheese its part of our mainstay.

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