Our Partners

We have been incredibly lucky to meet and collaborate with some fabulous producers and suppliers from around the world, sourcing everything from Charcuterie meats to outstanding prosecco. We pair our cheese with some fantastic foods & drink and showcase it at our weekly markets and national events. to buy these wonderful products head over to our store, come and visit us or contact for more information.


Tempus Charcuterie is the multi-award winning venture between Thomas Whitaker and Dhruv Baker. Tom, runner up of MasterChef UK 2011 and Dhruv, winner MasterChef 2010 founded the charcuterie company after years working in the hospitality industry - owning and running restaurants, private catering, writing cookery books and hosting TV programs.  


Tom trained in Italy, the greatest nation on Earth for charcuterie in their eyes, and lived there for a number of years. He subsequently passed his technical skills onto Dhruv who added layers of flavour through their unique approach to spicing resulting in a truly collaborative effort, Tempus Foods.


Their aim is to produce charcuterie of a comparable quality to more established producers from Spain, Italy and France. Tempus was awarded Champion Producer at the British Charcuterie Awards 2018, Master Charcutier of Great Britain 2018, Overall Champion Product 2019 amongst other awards and accolades. 


Tempus have been working closely with Heritage Cheese, who quickly identified them

as a quality producer, and they have worked as partners for over a year. Heritage Cheeses’ understanding of quality in British cheeses along with Enrico’s Italian heritage and appreciation of fine salume has meant this partnership is on a solid foundation.

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