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Irish Cheesemakers

We work tirelessly to bring you the very best of Irish cheese. From lush green fields to windy hills, we work with some of the most renowned cheesemakers in Ireland. to buy these wonderful cheeses head over to our store, come and visit us or contact for more information.

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The Wright family have been farming in Armagh since 1820. Dean became interested in Cheesemaking in 2015 and sought out the expertise of Loughry College Food technology centre. Taking what he learned there he developed the award winning ballylisk triple rose. He makes cheese every day and continues to work with Loughry College developing new ideas. The secret to their delicious cheese is their beautiful milk, Dean and his dad Jim milk the cows on their farm in the morning and the milk and by lunchtime has been transformed and is well on its way to becoming the beautiful creamy cheese we know and love. A firm favourite with our team this cheese pairs beautifully and rounds out any cheeseboard with its decadent rich flavour and buttery texture.


Made near Belturbet in Cavan, the name Corleggy means 'little windy hill. Started in 1985, they are passionate about traditional cheesemaking methods and champions of raw milk. Their superb cheeses are full of depth and complexity and each offers a tiny taste of the season and the area in which it was made. Using the freshest milk taken straight from local sheep, cow and goat herds they make a range of cheeses by hand in their small dairy, from harder farmhouse styles to soft creamy cavanbert. Each cheese is hand-wrapped once it reaches the perfect ripeness so it gets a last 'little bit of love' before it leaves the dairy.

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Cashel farmhouse cheesemakers began life in the basement of Jane and Louis Grubbs farmhouse near Cashel in Tipperary, in the 1980's. A pioneering cheesemaker, they were one of the founding members of CAIS, the irish farmhouse cheesemakers association. Producing the first Irish blue cheese, Cashel blue in 1983 to critical acclaim and an equal mix of public excitement and bewilderment, they have gone from strength to strength. Now headed by their daughter Sarah they have continued to perfect their cheeses, developing new varieties using sheeps milk such as Crozier Blue and the newest addition, Shepherds Store. Each cheese is carefully crafted and matured to perfection to give a distinctive flavour and texture prized by customers and critics alike.


Award-winning cheese produced in Ballyshrule, Portumna, Co. Galway. Their beautiful Goat Gouda is made using milk from their own goat herd. They also make a wonderful nutty Emmenthal style cow's milk cheese using their neighbour's milk.  

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Made in Co. Tipperary from sheep's milk from their own beautiful herd of Friesland sheep. Lorraine and Barry's cheese is a labour of love. Their Ewe's spend the majority of the year feeding on fresh grass and their milk goes to produce their amazing cheeses.

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