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We work tirelessly to bring you the very best of British cheese. From award winning blues and cheddars to more esoteric delights. We work with some of the very best cheesemakers in the UK. To buy these wonderful cheeses head over to our store, come and visit us or contact us for more information.

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We are very proud to stock Quicke's Cheeses, overseen by the globally renowned Mary Quicke. The oldest dairy farm in the UK, the family motto is 'strength seeks challenges' and they certainly live up to it. Their clothbound cheddars are slowly matured and eack wedge speaks eloquently of the deep connection between the family and the land they have nurtured for almost 500 years. All their cheeses, from their traditional aged cheddars to their more adventurous Goats milk or Elderflower varieties, are made with same craft skills using traditional methods and offer a complex tasting experience from the buttery creamy middle to the tangy brothy edge, with the delicate peppery notes of horseradish unique to the dairy.

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Cropwell Bishop is perhaps the finest of all the Stilton makers, and is produced in the small village of Cropwell Bishop in Nottinghamshire. Owned by the Skailes family, who have been making and selling cheese for 160 years, Cropwell Bishop is made with the utter care of the artisan. It's therefore no wonder that Cropwell Bishop Stilton won Supreme Champion at the International Cheese Awards, and has a coveted 3 stars in the Great Taste Awards. We also sell a number of other cheeses made by Cropwell Bishop, including Shropshire Blue, and their latest innovation Beauvale, an English "Gorgonzola-style" cheese which is utterly addictive.


A truly lovely story for a truly lovely cheese. Started by son Giel at the tender age of 19, who, not solely content with starting a business from scratch, also competed in and won a round the world Kayaking race the same year. The project was conceived as a way of successfully diversifying the family dairy farm and has gone from strength to strength producing some wonderful goudas using traditional techniques learned in Holland. Their cheese is made at their farm just metres away from where they milk their herd and this close connection is part of what makes their cheese so special. Their love for and dedication to the welfare of their herd is evident in the quality of their milk which in turn produces their beautiful cheese.

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Based in Yorkshire, Ribblesdale cheese had an eccentric start in the late 70's bravely making goat’s cheese at a time when cheese was almost exclusively made from cow's milk. While times and tastes have changed and goats cheese is less of a novelty than it was, the team at Ribblesdale have continued to innovate. Their range now includes not only goat’s milk cheese but a beautiful mature sheep's cheese and an unusual goat’s blue cheese. All made with the same love and confidence they've had since the beginning. 


Started in 2005, Moydens is one of our newer cheesemakers. Inspired by his grandmother, Martin Moyden began making his cheeses using traditional methods and raw Shropshire milk. His passion and skill have led to some beautiful and unusual cheeses, including the wonderful wrekin blue, a firm favourite here at heritage cheese. Each of their cheeses are named after a landmark or town in Shropshire highlighting its own individual nature and story and its ties to the county.

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During the 20th century the art of cheesemaking declined in Swaledale and by 1980, there was only one farm producing cheese. When the Longstaff farm stopped producing cheese, Mrs. Marjorie Longstaff passed on the original Swaledale cheese process to the founders of Swaledale Cheese Company. The process has remained unchanged since the production of cheese began in 1987, and is still used in their creamery today.

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Mario moved from Italy to Yorkshire in 2001 and, in his own words, '...fell in love with God's own country...' He makes beautiful sheep's milk cheeses in his dairy based near Leeds. Each cheese is produced in small batches with all of the love and passion he has for the craft using beautiful milk from rich Yorkshire pastures.

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